Ever wonder how people keep their computer system(s)running effectively?


It’s not just about monitoring – that only lets you know something is wrong. It’s not just about remote access – that only lets you react to a problem. HERE’S THE SECRET – Maintain-IT

It’s about a PROACTIVE, best-practices approach to keep your computer system(s) running effectively. From stand-alone systems to entire networks, our approach saves time, frustration and dollars!

Maintain-IT is the next evolution in keeping your computer(s) updated and protected. The scenario of calling and waiting for the “computer guy” is eliminated. Potential issues and problems are PREVENTED. Computers stay working and people remain productive. When problems occur, we respond quickly.

What's Included?

ICBS understands your frustration at slow and unreliable computers and has developed a comprehensive solution to keep them secure and running smoothly. ICBS will keep your servers, workstations, laptops, and even remote systems optimized by performing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. This service includes:

- Complete Hardware, Software & Network Audit
- Real-Time Monitoring
- Daily scanning of your system to find and delete spyware, malware and viruses
- Deployment of Microsoft Updates, Monitoring of Security Software, Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance of Hard Disks

How Does Maintain-IT Work?

Maintain-IT is delivered by installing a small application on each computer in your home or office. The application will connect securely over the internet back to our host server. The application provides ICBS's support representatives with the ability to monitor all of your computer systems, perform routine system maintenance and to deliver technical support remotely regardless of the workstations location (Internet connection required).

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