ICBS works with clients to select, implement and SUPPORT technology based solutions.

ICBS is dedicated to providing a full range of system implementation and support services to the small and mid-sized business. Businesses face an uphill battle to choose and implement technology based solutions for their needs. Most need to use technology to better manage their business and stay competitive. At the same time, they usually do not possess the time or technical expertise needed to properly choose the proper solution nor to implement the system once chosen. ICBS provides these types of services. Our unique blend of accounting, business and computer knowledge allows us to interact intelligently with businesses and provide the needed expertise that will help to select, implement and provide the on-going support needed to assure success. We work closely with the business owner to assure that their immediate needs are met while planning for the future.

Specifically, the types of services provided are as follows:

Needs analysis to determine specific needs - both software and hardware/network requirements
System selection to determine specific software needed - then determine hardware platform and specific requirements
Implementation planning
System installation (hardware and/or software)
Implementation of the selected applications and user training, or
Project Management to help in-house personnel during the implementation process
Outsourced IT support when you require someone to manage and/or support your computer system but don't have a knowledgable person on staff with the necessary background.
Managed Services to provide remote support of your computer, network workstation and/or network server.

Hardware platforms:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Windows Peer to Peer Networks
Windows NT/2000/2003 Server

Business solutions (both low-end and mid-range products)
Office suites
Office automation products
CRM (Client Relationship Management)
Internet connectivity and E-mail applications

Please call or email info@icbs.net for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.